Local EcoDriver Programs

EcoDriver delivery agents offer presentations, information displays and booths in several Ontario communities.

Collingwood: Environment Network
Durham Region: Durham Sustain Ability
Hamilton and Halton: Green Venture
Peel: Community Environment Alliance
Thunder Bay: Eco Superior
Toronto: Toronto Green Community
York Region: Windfall Ecology Centre
North Bay: Greening Nipissing

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EcoDriver is dedicated to helping you
save money and the environment.

Here you'll find fuel-saving tips about:

The Benefits of EcoDriving

The average Canadian family spends at least $9000 a year per car, and about 13% of Canada's carbon dioxide emissions are due to cars and light trucks on our roads. The average car emits one tonne of carbon dioxide every 5,000 kilometres and for those of us who drive, about half our personal greenhouse gas emissions come from driving.

The good news is that there are many ways to reduce fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions, through driving habits, vehicle maintenance, choosing a fuel-efficient vehicle and considering alternatives to driving.

And all these measures can translate into big savings at the pump. Reducing fuel consumption by just ten tanks a year can save you hundreds of dollars, and reduce your personal CO2 emissions by almost a tonne.