Agario private server

Agario private server is notable for its simplicity, especially in controlling. For beginners, basic operating instructions are located on the main page. Everything is intuitive. To move the cell, move the cursor in the desired direction. In Agario your cell will follow your actions. In agario game, by clicking on the space bar, you will divide your cell into two halves.

The W button will help your cell split out a small ball and send it to a nearby player or just leave it on the playing field. On a smartphone, your cell follows your finger like a mouse cursor. You start with a small creature and need something to eat. Therefore, direct it across the playing field to the multi-colored pellets. The more pellets you eat, the faster you will increase in size. This tactic is suitable for the beginning of the game. Being bigger you will be able to eat even other players because the pellets won't satisfy your hunger. You can absorb cells smaller than you but avoid larger ones. Otherwise, if you collide with them, the game will end for you, and your mass will be absorbed by another hungry player. Larger cells move like snails. This can be useful for you when playing as a small cell to escape.

However, when you play as a large cell, you will have to act more cunningly. You can press a small cell to the borders of the playing field and absorb it. Another option is to split your cell to move faster and hunt. We'll talk about this and other advanced techniques below.

Unblocked Agario

At the very beginning, unblocked was a unique multiplayer hit game that gained cult status, and then firmly entrenched in the top browser games of all time. But this genre of games is not limited only to Agario private server - there are many time killers in the gaming industry based on its concept. Sometimes you want to change the setting, right?

And we have selected alternatives that will keep you entertained.

All of these games have a common mechanic. You play as a creature and eat fewer cells to grow in size while avoiding those who are larger than you. There are also nutrient pellets scattered on the playing field. Many other players are wandering around you - destroy them and take leadership positions.


What about some agario specifics?

It's a bit boring just to move the mouse and explore the corners of the game map, don't you think? Therefore, most games have their features and winning mechanisms. Using as an example. A general truth: The bigger you are, the slower you become. This makes it easy to miss a smaller opponent, as he will easily avoid you thanks to the higher speed. The splitting mechanism will help you. Divide your large cell into several parts to quickly move around the map. Catch small rivals, and bypass larger ones that want to eat you too.

Another tricky mechanism is using viruses. As in nature, viruses also have an important role in the play. Your cell can emit mass to a virus that can significantly reduce the size of a large player. Just follow your opponents and shoot at the right moment. Be careful too. If you come across a virus from another player, you will be scattered into small particles and will hardly be able to come together again.

Pretty tempting gameplay, isn't it? You may be interested in other games in this genre. They are great time killers, develop strategic thinking skills, and simply provide a wide range of emotions. Let's take a look at them.


Snake game online? Always a hit, timeless classic! Snake in the .io genre? Another cool alternative to!'s goal is to grow the biggest snake ever. Small snakes have an advantage in speed and flexibility, while large ones - in body size and ability to hunt and survive. A large snake can circle a small one, make it drive into a dead-end, cut, and quickly absorb. Enemy snakes are the most nutritious because they leave behind a lot of energy.


It looks so much like a snake, but the gameplay is strongly different. Your goal is not to grow, but to survive. And thanks to the many obstacles, the game gives you a real challenge. Use all your skills and strategies to avoid getting into the final death loop. Is it real for you?

Agar pro


Even the name of this game is similar to, it is also know in Turkey as Agario Oyna. This is an awesome browser game and a great online clone of You fulfill similar goals - you eat cells and grow. Nice visual design is complemented by different game modes, bonuses, and easy navigation. During the game, the player can collect all the bonuses that will help him to be the first. It is a good alternative to

Dots Eater battle online

Dots Eater battle online

This is a unique puzzle game developed and published by Design Orbita. Despite the simple gameplay and mechanics, the Dots Eater battle requires special skills and quick reactions. A bit more complicated. But who's afraid of challenges if they make the game more fun?

You play as a bacterium that absorbs small dots and bacteria of other players to get bigger and stronger. On the way to achieving your goals, you will come across many obstacles and strong rivals. Use your strategic skills to beat them easily.

For variety, use skins for your bacteria: change color, print, and even choose different faces to stand out from the crowd of other players. Simple mechanics, beautiful graphics, bonuses, and challenges - everything you are looking for is here.


Unchanged classic gameplay, flavored with improved mechanics and new features – and we get Players absorb each other and grow. Avoid all the larger cells and absorb the smaller ones to survive longer. Your size affects your speed, so use your strategic skills while avoiding collisions with other players. You are provided with as many as four game modes and survival mechanics, just like in This is a great time killer. Be smarter and use acceleration, show everyone who is the strongest here.

Agario play

agario play

If you are a fan of, then you will appreciate this game. Slightly distinctive graphics, but the same content. Absorb cells on the playing field and other players to grow. You can also use classic mechanics: splitting into parts and attacking large players. is suitable for players of all ages and will perfectly kill your free time.


A great alternative, but you are playing here with fidget spinners. This is another double hit because spinners were very popular at one time. Here you are not increasing in size, but upgrading your speed. The more dots you eat, the faster you spin and demolish other players. There is a huge competition and unprecedented excitement. Time in the game passes as quickly as your spinner is spinning.


This game is deeper and more detailed but is based on the same concept as You don't just absorb dots and other players. Your goal is to capture the kingdom. The game features different characters such as warriors, majestic kings, and powerful wizards. Surely you will kill a lot of time here because the visual design and gameplay will not leave you indifferent.



It is a multiplayer game that will immerse you in the unique .io world. Your task is simple - to survive as long as possible and eat as many other players as possible. Use your skills to build a winning strategy and reach your goal. You can choose one of three modes and have fun. Deathmatch, team deathmatch or free roam - which will you choose?


This is not an or clone. This is a completely different game and this game is unique. Control the snake and compete with others to always be the first. Do you think it's so easy? Various obstacles will make you tense up and think about your strategy, while boosters and bonuses will make your efforts to win a little easier. Such a contrasting range of emotions, pleasant music, and serious struggle will surely interest you.

What else?

We have selected only 10 of the most interesting games, but we are sure, you are already dazzled. Imagine, there are at least a hundred games in this genre, and we could have missed something worthy. Share with us your favorites and why you prefer them. Despite the simple graphics and light mechanics, games in the .io genre will make your pastime valuable. This is great brain training and practice of your cognitive skills. Develop a speed of reaction to unexpected situations and make decisions quickly. Fun and practical - it's about and its alternatives.