Play online Agario private server

Agario private server is notable for its simplicity, especially in controlling. For beginners, basic operating instructions are located on the main page. Everything is intuitive. To move the cell, move the cursor in the desired direction. In Agario your cell will follow your actions. In agario game, by clicking on the space bar, you will divide your cell into two halves. The W button will help your cell split out a small ball and send it to a nearby player or just leave it on the playing field. On a smartphone, your cell follows your finger like a mouse cursor. You start with a small creature and need something to eat. Therefore, direct it across the playing field to the multi-colored pellets. The more pellets you eat, the faster you will increase in size. This tactic is suitable for the beginning of the game. Being bigger you will be able to eat even other players because the pellets won't satisfy your hunger. You can absorb cells smaller than you but avoid larger ones. Otherwise, if you collide with them, the game will end for you, and your mass will be absorbed by another hungry player. Larger cells move like snails. This can be useful for you when playing as a small cell to escape. However, when you play as a large cell, you will have to act more cunningly. You can press a small cell to the borders of the playing field and absorb it. Another option is to split your cell to move faster and hunt. We'll talk about this and other advanced techniques below.